2007/08 - XXL Champion Shane Dorian

A vintage year indeed. Hawaii's Shane Dorian set the standard for Ride of the Year drama with an astonishing head-over-heels escape from the gullet of a monstrous Teahupoo maneater. California's Mike Parsons became the first man to repeat as the XXL Biggest Wave winner thanks to wave at Cortes Bank measured at well over 70 feet on the face - a new world record.

Greg Long continued his streak of various category wins, taking the Monster Paddle crown thanks to a well-timed bomb at Todos Santos, Mexico, along with the Best Overall title for good measure. Tahitian Manoa Drollet navigated beneath a freakish collapsing wall at Teahupoo to earn the Monster Tube prize while Maya Gabeira repeated as the number one girl in the world.

Winning video - Gustavo Camarao