2006/07 - XXL Champion Ken "Skindog" Collins

Always evolving to match the progression of big wave riding, the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards made a major shift in emphasis in 2006, inaugurating the Ride of the Year Award as the top-line category with $50,000 for first place, meant to reward extreme performances rather than pure face height. Santa Cruz stalwart Ken "Skindog" Collins set the tone for the years to come after being spit out of a gigantic beachbreak cavern at Puerto Escondido, Mexico. It also earned him Monster Tube honors.

Acknowledging the resurgence in doing things the old-fashioned way, the Monster Paddle award prize was brought even with the XXL tow-in award. California's Greg Long took the XXL Biggest Wave title with a 65-footer at Dungeons in South Africa while Hawaii's Garrett McNamara was Monster Paddle champ with a perilous drop at Maverick's - both waves photographing equally dark and scary. McNamara was the Men's Best Overall, while newcomer Maya Gabeira of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was the top female in the water.

Winning video - Josh Palmer