2005/06 - XXL Champion Brad Gerlach

Variety was the name of the game in 2006, with XXL Biggest Wave nominees coming from Ghost Tree and Maverick's in Northern California along with contenders from Todos Santos, Mexico and Playa Gris, Spain. California's Brad Gerlach emerged victorious when judges decreed his Todos Santos ride the tallest of the year, measuring 68 feet on the face for which he earned $68,000.

The diversity theme continued as the Monster Paddle Award went to Chile's Diego Medina, who scraped into a feathering beast of a wave at Punta de Lobos. Hawaii's Shane Dorian barreled through the depths of a true Monster Tube winner at Teahupoo, Tahiti and it was a grand variety of great rides which allowed Jamie Sterling to take the Best Overall award back home to Hawaii. Jamilah Star repeated as top female performer.

Winning photo - Robert Brown