2004/05 - XXL Champion Dan Moore

Yet again Jaws delivered in spectacular fashion, handing Oahu's Dan Moore a skittering ride down the face of a 68-footer before it ultimately caught up with him, breaking his ankle in the process. As some consolation, Moore earned $68,000 and the 2005 Billabong XXL Biggest Wave Award - the last time Jaws would produce an XXL nominee this decade.

Maverick's likewise came through again on the Monster Paddle side, with Shane Desmond going back-to-the-wall to lead the arm-powered entries. Tasmania's Shipstern Bluff made its debut on the global stage thanks to Aussie Dylan Longbottom's fantastic voyage through a Monster Tube while Shane Dorian handily captured the Best Overall Performance division. California's Jamilah Star won the inaugural Best Female Performance honor, launching a new era for women in the waves.

Winning photo - Robert Brown